Dizzy Mallone: Taking care of the future

In 2012 in Italy were collected 99,900 tons of textile waste, approximately 1.6 kg / person per year, equivalent to just 12% of the total recyclable.

This percentage is well below the European average, especially considering that the consumption of textile products in Italy is about 14 kg / person.

Of the collected total 68% was reused, 7% finished as waste and only 25% was recycled.

These data were published by Humana People to People Italy, a  NPO established in 1998

The textile product, at the end of its life cycle once disposed in landfills, will have an ecological impact.

For this reason Dizzy Mallone is looking for solutions with other companies and suppliers, to increase the use of recycled and regenerated yarn.

This would have a positive impact on the environment and would provide significant savings in waste disposal.

We are working to take care of the FUTURE