The textile industry is  for several reasons one of the most “dirty and polluting” industries of our planet

Although we are a small company, Dizzy Mallone tries to find solutions to protect nature and people involved in the production process.

For this we can say that our “Mission” is:

  • Taking care of nature: Organic Cotton
  • Taking care of water: Eco Dyeing
  • Taking care of our future: Recycling
  • Taking care of people: Code of Conduct
  • Taking care of customers: Certificates

For more information have a look at the different pages to see what we have to offer for producing with attention and responsibility.

All our clients have always appreciated our seriousness and professionalism, also for the search of social and environmental solutions.

If also for you a good Code of Conduct and attention for our planet  have importance, Dizzy Mallone will be the right supplier for you.

We are working to make Dizzy Mallone your trusted supplier, for workwear and promotional clothing.

Browsing our website you will have the opportunity to know our way of working, where we do not only pay attention to quality and price, but also for people and environment.