Dizzy Mallone: ​​Taking care of the water

The dyeing process is the operation where the fabrics by a liquid bath are being colored.

Dyeing can be done at any stage of textile manufacturing:  fiber, yarn, fabric or finished garment.

This process requires a high consumption of water (for dyeing 1 kg of fabrics about 100 liters of water are being used), and when the dyeing process has finished the water is often drained directly into waterways; causing in this way pollution to water and nature.

It is an illusion that water is an unlimited resource at low-cost, always available for those who need it, when in fact water is limited and precious.

Dizzy Mallone made the choice to dye all  cotton garments “ECO FRIENDLY“, where 95% of water will not only be cleaned but also reused for new dyeing processes.

In countries as India the scarcity of water is a problem that affects the daily  lives. Not only for families but also for the industry there is an absolute shortage of water, and because of this the working weeks in the dyeing plants are reduced to 5 days. Projects for the treatment and reuse of water for the industry are becoming important, as the  recycling of water provides the industries an important alternative source of water.

Dizzy Mallone is working for many years with modern dyeing plants that not only use recycled water, but also:

    • are located in industrial areas far from urban areas in modern, safe and good structured buildings
    • have certificates as ISO, GOTS, BSCI etc.
    • are having well trained and qualified personal

In this way we can dye fabrics in an ecological way and take care of the water and the environment.

Dizzy Mallone is a small company that is trying to contribute, by working with responsibility, to solve this problem.

Our clients, participating in the process, receive a Dizzy Mallone certificate for their contribution to save water and their choice of “ECO FRIENDLY” dyeing.